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"Pombe Ni Mbaya", Trio Mio Suprises His Mother After He Did This While Drunk

Trio Mio is the new fresh and raw talent that is shaking the entertainment industry in Kenya and very soon outside Kenya. The interesting part about him is that he is a high school learner and he tries to manage both his gift of rap and his education.

While speaking to Mambo Mseto, Mambo Mseto is a mid morning program found on radio Citizen. It is run from Monday to Friday. Trio Mio was explaining to Selly Kadot and Willy Mtuva about his gift and many more.

Trio Mio published that while in his upper classes in primary school, that is around class seven, his brother noticed that he had a gift of rapping. This Gift has come to emerge and gain some support from netizens.

Trio mio also explained about his first time encaging in drug and substance use. Trio Mio said the the drug that he ever used was alcohol and he did not like the ordeal. It made him undress himself, this left his mother in pure disbelief.

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