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Te Doy La Vida;Ernesto Arrested,Asks Elena For Forgiveness

In the series,Ernesto is trying to run away to cross the border to the other side of the country but his rented car runs out of gas. He is so exhausted and passes out. A young boy comes close to where Ernesto is and he asks him if he is Nicholas. The boy is confused and calls his father. They take him to their house after which they call the police to inform them there is a stranger in their house.

On arrival, the police identifies Ernesto and takes him to prison. In prison Ernesto sends for Elena to ask her for forgiveness. Elena gives in and visits Ernesto in prison. They talk via prison phone but Ernesto wants to speak to Elena face to face. He tells her to bring Nicholas to him but Elena refuses telling him that he will tell Nicholas that Ernesto went to Canada because they can not be together anymore. Ernesto cries out loud that,he loves Nicholas with all her heart and Elena agrees because she also knows that Ernesto loves Nicholas for real but she can not bring Nicholas to him.

Elena leaves the prison leaving Ernesto crying out loud.

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Elena Ernesto Nicholas Te Doy La Vida


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