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Zora: Loretta's Deadly Reaction as Nana is Given a Share in Chibale's Propety

The episode states with a knock at Nana's door. She hesitated thinking it was her friend Hodan or Fella. However, she was surprised to see Oliver enter with a broad smile on his face. She wasn't in a mood to talk to him until he produced a brown envelope that Nana quickly opened.

Nana read through the document brought to her by Oliver and she became elated instantly. It was a document that was authorizing her to be part of the Chibale's family as a shareholder of the property. She was very happy and invited Oliver to have a sit to explain more.

However, Loretta got the information and Oliver had a rough time explaining why he had to include a stranger in the family business and property. She kept cool until the time Nana arrived and was ordering everyone around including Loretta. Sadly, Loretta descended on her and gave her a thorough beating. Zalena and Yola helped her to discipline Nana who was a the top because Oliver had promised to marry her.

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