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Sultana:Sada Reveals Fatima's Secrets

In today's episode, Sada called for a family meeting. Sada tells the family that Fatima never loved Mbuya but loved his money. Sada informed them that Fatima used all Mbuya's money and left him broke and end up sending men to attack him. Major stops Sada but tells him to shout up his mouth.

Sada tells them that Fatima is happy to see Bi Ua sick and can get married to Major as second and thus the reason she wanted Mbuya dead. Major tells Sada to prove it. Sada had once recorded Fatima talking to someone about Mbuya. The family will listen Dida will be shocked but Fatima pleads to explain.

Fatima tells the family the audio is not complete and their no enough evidence. Fatima tells them that she finding his husband and also looking for Maria to find information about Mbuya. JJ supports Fatima because she saw her at Mwakiruge in the dumping site.

Sada goes on and tells Fatima to deny Dida and Kaka's relationship. Fatima will be shocked. Major will want to be explained about the relationship but none will answer. Major will be annoyed and the meeting will be over.

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