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Jalang'o Talks of His First Salary on Kiss 100 and How He Used It

Felix Odiwuor aka jalang'o finally revealed how he spent his first paycheck. The kiss 100 presenter was speaking to his colleague Chito Ndhlovu when he revealed how he used his first salary after landing his first job.

Jalang'o was co-hosting the kiss 100 breakfast show together with Caroline Mutoko. He clicked on the ATM and saw Ksh.40,000 and was really surprised for receiving such a huge amount of money at once. 

He was used to receiving small inconsistent wages from acting at the Kenya National Theatre. He took 2 thousand shillings from the ATM and went to Mc Fry's, called his buddy Otoyo and bought him chicken. He then changed his bed and upgraded his TV from Aucma to Sony which went for around 18-20 thousand. 

Chito said that he used his first paycheck to take his parents for dinner at Sankara Hotel which costed like half his salary. How did you use your first paycheck?

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