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Zora Citizen Tv:Fela Finally Realizes Zora Has A Twin Sister

Fela is Zora's husband and Simba's father in the Zora tv show.Fela has never know that Zora has another sibling,he was surprised when he realized that Zora has a twin sister even though she has never mentioned it to him.

Zora's marriage has been through ups and downs,as the programme started,Zora and Fela were not in good terms because she accused Fela of infidelity.This forced her to separate with her husband.

After Zora reconsiled with Fela,they have been more closer.They seem to be much more in love than before, recently Zora proposed to her husband colourfully and they might be wedding soon.

Today when Zora was not around,Fela peeped into Zora's diary book which was hidden inside the window curtain.When Fela went through the diary book,he noticed that Zora has a twin sister called Talia.


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