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"Masaibu Za Njugush," Reactions as Blessed Njugush Introduces His Next Comedy Series on Baze

Timothy Ndegwa, popularly known by his stage name Blessed Njugush, has left netizens talking after posting a clip dubbed "Masaibu za Njugush."

The veteran online content cartel purported to be looking for a meeting room and she asked for assistance from one of the waiters in the restaurant. The waiter wasn't sure of the room and she told Njugush to be patient as she consults other waiters. Njugush stood by the door and he appeared pressed up and started farting. He did this without the knowledge that there were people inside that room.

To his surprise, the waiter told him that she had been standing at the door of the meeting room. Njuguna felt so disgusted and opted not to join the meeting.

Blessed Njugush has guided the netizens on how to watch more of such episodes exclusively on baze. He suggested that dialing *544*55# will enable his fans to enjoy the episodes online.

Njugush's clip has piqued the interest of the netizens to comment on the video. Some of their comments read:

Defrao: Hii suti isharudisha pesa yake sasa ipumzishwe sasa 😂😂😂.

Mcronnie: umebumburusha😂😂.

Elizabeth: aky njuguna😂😂😂.

Njuguna254: mpaka veins zinajichora kwa uso 😂😂😂.

Njugush's comic idea appears to bring smiles to the faces of many fans. Blessed Njugush continue to dominate the laugh industry with his consistent rib-cracking clips and sentiments. Here is the link to the post:

Having read this article, what do you suggest about 'Masaibu za Njugush's" clip? Feel free to share with me your views concerning this in the comments section below and follow me for amazing articles.

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