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Internet Bulldozers, Mess With Anyone Else But These

While the internet can be a source of amusement and interaction, it can also be a source of negativity and hatred. On the internet, there are fans and detractors of celebrities in equal proportion. What sets these celebrities apart is their reaction to the cruel and demeaning remarks hurled at them by keyboard thugs.

Some celebrities have gotten so proficient at ignoring claps that it' s crazy to witness them respond to mean- spirited internet trolls. These are the celebs you should avoid donning sunglasses in front of.

Kamene Goro.

After Mulamwah joined the body- shaming queue, the radio presenter decided to draw a line in the sand.

It all started when Kamene shared an image of herself and Ronoh at the poolside, and Mulamwah commented that they were " too big. " Kamene was not quite ready to accept it.

Kamene recently stated in an interview with Obinna that she will never be friends with the comedian, and the two have been on opposite tracks ever since.

Mulamwah later apologized and claimed the remark was meant in jest, but it didn' t matter to Kamene, who was furious.

King Kalala

Even though she has been the target of mockery on social media, the NRG radio host has learned to return to fire with fire.

She was teased for being thin in one of her social media posts. A contentious video in which the comedian claimed that individuals who are overweight was developed in response to her remarks.

She remarked, " Fat folks are careless as ever. "

There was a lot of negative reaction to this response in the comment section. It didn' t appear to affect her at all. Whatever the case may be, they were the ones who started the fight.


Akothee is the mother of all clap backers, a no- nonsense musician and businesswoman. Akothee has had to deal with a slew of trolls due to her high level of online activity, including those who mocked her for being a single mother who had five children with various men.

In addition, many people have questioned where she got her money. She is, nonetheless, listed as the country' s richest musician. As far as I can tell, Akothee has dealt with them all head- on.

Additionally, she is quite ready to protect people who find themselves in the hands of trolls on the internet.

Corazon Kwamboka

After posting a selfie of herself and her husband Frankie Just gym it, the former socialite and wife of Frankie Just received death threats. Corazon became enraged when a woman teased her about her pregnancy bulge and her swollen belly.

After the woman had given birth, she chastised the woman, wondering how she could hate on a fellow mother.

Esther Musila

Guardian Angel' s wife has recently received the most vitriol because of their connection. The age difference between the two has been a point of concern for many on the internet.

As soon as they tied the knot in January, an admirer asked her on social media if she was expecting. Esther asked her if she would be able to raise the children if she got them in a rapid response.

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