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Milton Wealth is Gone Here is What Freddy Did to Him

Zalena planned on how she could get back her wealth and she decided that she is going to papa Freddy for a business legit so that she could give him fifty percent of her wealth. When she went their Papa Freddy agreed to help her and sent her wife to bring Milton to a business. When Milton saw this lady she fell in love wither and directly got into a trap.

Milton was told that if he invest in a business with five million he will be able to get ten million in return and Milton saw no reason not to join the business. He went and got his Five Million to give to papa Freddy and he was given ten Million.

He was so overwhelmed and he promised to bring more money. Remember this was a trap to have Milton Give out all his wealth and at long last, he will remain with nothing when Zalena and Papa Freddy will go with all the money. Keep following for more updates

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