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Zora: Zalena Behind The Death Of Her Husband, Oliver

Today's episode starts with Zalena calling his men. Zalena asks them what they did to Oliver since she gave them the right instructions on what to do. Zalena tells them they didn't plan to kill Oliver but only to expose him. The men tells Zalena they didn't kill Oliver but they did all she ordered ,they set all cameras at Oliver and Nana room where they spent that day even they have all their photos.

As Zalena is still talking to his men, Kwame will come and join his mother, Zalena will start pretending saying whoever killed his husband shall pay,his men are still listening then they will says that the person who did so will pay then Zalena cuts off the call. The men will leaves to their business.

Kwame will asks his mother if she planned Oliver to be killed but Zalena will refuse and tells Kwame she cannot kill his husband. Kwame tells her he knows she can do anything that's why she eliminated Oliver to acquire all his wealth but Zalena admits she never killed Oliver. Kwame will just walk away.

Zalenas men could have killed Oliver so Zalena is behind his death but only pretending.

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