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5 Guinness World Records That Are Too Hard To Ever Be Broken Again: See the People That Broke Them

1. The richest man on Earth

John D Rockefeller set the world record and even after his death still remains to be the richest man that has ever lived on planet earth. Since the year 1913, no man has been found to be as rich as John D Rockefeller. Even the combined wealth of Elon musk and Bozos is nothing compared to that of John D Rockefeller.

During his days, Bezo's controlled UpTo 90% or the oil in the US and as at the time of his death, he had an estimated net worth of $305.3 billion according to forbes. It's unlikely that there's going to be someone who will beat that record anytime soon.

2. The Avenger's End Game Movies

It's most unlikely that there is going to be another movie that is going to be as successful as the Avenger's End Game. The movie has become the highest grossing movie in history gaining upto $ 390 million in revenue.

During the movie premier, over 225 million tickets were sold setting the standard so high and it's most unlikely that the record is going to be broke anytime soon. With the increasing technology however, we can expect anything.

3. Shridhar Chillal longest nails in the World

Shridhar Chillal has set one of the most difficult Guinness world records and it unlikely that there is going to be someone who will break that record anytime soon.Shridhar Chillal took 66 years to nurture those nails and grew to an unimaginable length of upto 9 meters. Inorder to beat the record, it will take more than 66 years of not cutting your nails.

4. Michael Phelps record as the most decorated Olympian

Among this Guinness world records, Michael Phelps record as the most decorated Olympian is one that is absolutely unbreakable and it will take many years old hard work to beat this record.

Michael Phelps has a total of 28 world medals including gold, silver and bronze. He is a man endowed with so many gifts and that probably explains why he has been able to achieve much in the world of athletics. With more than 28 medals and still counting, it's very clear that Michael Phelps success is more than just being gifted but more of being determined and hardworking.

5. Ashrita Furman world record breaker

This man has broken more than 600 world records within a duration of 30 years. It will definitely take a long time to break this record and if it has taken Arita more than 30 years, anyone trying to beat his record will have to spend more than 30 years.

One thing we can however note is that we are living in a very competitive world. People are striving to excel in so many things and time has a way of revealing so much. Share your thoughts about this article, Do you agree with This article that the above world records are very hard to break? Share your thoughts and also don't forget to like and share the article.

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