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" My Daughter Has Been Operated On 8 Times Now, I Used To Question GOD Alot" Famous Actress Narrates

Nduta is an a popular actress in a vernacular programme known as micii ni ndogo. Her prowess in acting has made her one of the best actresses in this era. Her acting skills are beyond reach and many people always thought that her acting husband was actually her real husband due to how well the two vibe.

Nduta is a mum of two girls. The first born daughter was born with a deformity of the legs. When she was young, she didn't walk until she almost turned 3.

After she started walking, the doctors realized that she had a condition that needed Surgery. Every time she added weight,it becomes difficult for her to walk. Making it necessary for a surgery.

Being ten years now, the young girl has undergone 8 surgeries. She was supposed to go through Another surgery but due to this new CBC program, her mum decided to postpone the surgery.

She is a very confident girl and her mum is very grateful that her condition doesn't affect her as much in her social life.

However, nduta's life is difficult since being an Actress no one thinks that she can need any kind if help. Being an Actress she had gone through periods where she was broke and she needed money to take her daughter fir surgery but no one wanted to come through due to her famous role. People believe that actresses have money and that they don't require help from other people.

When the baby was young, nduta was always questioning God on why her daughter turned out the way she did. But at the moment she is grateful that she overcame that moment and that she can watch her very jovial girl grow up to be a powerful and very confident woman.

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