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" Everyone Left After They Learnt I Was Working In A Mortuary, Life Was Tough" A Young Man Narrates

Njoroge is a popular actor who goes by the screen name, 'kamjoro ka University'. His character in the films was born from the difficult journey he was forced to undergo in life.

He started his journey by doing construction work and selling earphones. In between his hustling, he met a man who invited him to his place of work. When he stepped into the building and he was told to wash bodies, he got scared and refused to do it. The friend offered him a different kind of work; to cleaning the compound instead, which he did half heartedly.

Afterwards he was taken through how that work is done and he started working at the mortuary.

Working in the mortuary is hectic since no one wants to be associated with you once thwy learn about your occupation. Njoroge was forced to lie to the wife about the nature of work that he does.

However, the lie was not hidden for long. One day, the wife came to the mortuary to pick up the body of her friend and found his husband was a mortuary attendants. She was very shocked and cried alot that day.

After she went home, she carried everything they owned and left the house, and went to start another life.

When Njoroge came home, he found that the wife had Carried everything they owned. When he called the wife what happened, the wife explained that if she knew that was the work he was doing, she would never have agreed to get married to him. He was forced to start afresh.

Njoroge got another Girlfriend who also left once she learnt that he was working in a mortuary. His friends also left him, making his life more miserable.

He later resigned from that work and started other businesses that didn't scare people. He is mainly focused with film and acting.

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