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Sultana: Fatma Slaps Kaka And Warns Him To Stay Away From Dida

Tomorrow's episode Dida will find Kaka at the sea and tells him that he is tired of her family. Kaka asks her if the other day they were seeing by anyone but Dida tells him that they are totally two different people and his work is always to stay at boat. Kaka tells her that is his place of work were he earns his daily income.

Dida will then asks Kaka to take her for a boat ride. Kaka asks her what will happen if they go at the deep sea but Dida tells him nothing she only wants a boat ride and should do that.

Dida will tell Kaka to follow her because his just servant and should do what she says. Dida will enter at the sea but she will slide and falls. She will shout for help and Kaka will run to help. He will take her out the water.

Fatma will also run to see what has happened to Dida. She tells Kaka that he doesn't want anything good to happen to Dida because he and Sada are against JJ and Dida's marriage. Dida tells her mother nothing bad happened and should stop confronting Kaka. Dida will leave then Fatma will slap Kaka and warns him to stay away from Dida.

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