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4 celebrities who are ill but did not give up on their dreams despite their illness

Some celebrities worldwide are having medical problems and a number of of them dwelling with clinical situation or some of them being admitted to hospitals.

Our celebrities are human too, and a number of the are residing in continuing scientific inventions which some of us don't even know.but the good thing is that a number of them didn't permit their fitness problems and didn't let their dreams explore.

Some of them even used it as a substitute to deliver wishes to others with compelling problems. Here is the list of three celebrities who did now no longer permit their fitness situation to discourage from chasing their dreams.

1.Cori broadus

She is a singer and a daughter of the American rapper Snoop Dogg. At a young age she was infected with an autoimmune disease that makes someone weak by assaulting the joints, skin, organs and even blood cells.

2.lil wyne

The American rapper was hospitalised in numerous occasions due to seizure. But he later gained strength and gave his testimonial.

3.Nick Cannon

Nick's sickness didn't permit him from Chad is dreams after he was infected by locus nephritis a dangerous kidney disease.

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American Chad Snoop


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