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Opinion: Why Do Preachers Struggle To Perform Instant Miracles Just Like Jesus Did

Galatians 3:7-9, "If you faithfully obey my word and follow my ways, you will perform double miracles more than I did." This is the message of Jesus Christ that he was giving it to his Disciples.

And this is a message that Jesus was sending to the Preachers of today. That if they walk in the ways of the Lord and faithfully obey the word of God, they will perform Instant Miracles just like Jesus did during his days on earth.

Now, Why do Preachers of this Current Generation find it very hard to perform Instant Miracles, Just like the way Jesus Christ did? In this Article I am going to briefly Explain the reasons why.

1. Preachers Are Much Focused On Prosperity Gospel

A good number of Preachers across the globe in this Current Generation preach much on Prosperity Gospel more than focusing on the true word of God.

John the Baptist was a Servant of God, who used to survive on wild fruits and locusts. But his main mission was to prepare the Coming of Jesus. And he did the work passionately.

And through his commitment and faithfulness to the word of God, he performed miracles.

2. Preachers Are Not Faithful To The Word Of God

According to my own considered Opinion, most of the Preachers are straightforward to the word of God. They use shortcuts to perform miracles in their Churches. And that through using the power of Darkness (Devil) to perform miracles in the name of God.

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