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Zora; Is Ogola Working With Oscar? Oscar Spills The Beans To Zelena Why Ogola Is In That Compound

Zora series has become more and more interesting everyday. The drama in Oliver's house is on another level such that each and everyday,new things happen that leaves everyone surprised.

In the episode,Oscar enters in Zelena's room without even knocking. Zelena complains about this but Oscar seems not to care about Zelena's complaints. Oscar asks Zelena where the money they were using with her husband to campaign was coming from. Zelena tells him that the money came from the business they were doing but Oscar is all aware that the money was coming from illegal business which is drug dealing. Zelena wonders how Oscar new all about this and he explains how they set him to the police untill he went to jail for a long time.

Zelena made Oliver do that illegal business in order to earn money,Oscar reminds her how Oliver introduced Milton to drug dealing too even Oscar's wife who is in prison until now. Oscar informs Zelena that Ogola is aware about that and that's what he is investigating and upto now,Ogola has enough evidence against Zelena and he is coming for her. Oscar goes ahead telling Zelena that he will not defend her when Ogola comes for her.

The question remains,How did Oscar know that Ogola is investigating Drug dealing business? Is Ogola working with Oscar to pull down Zelena? Please share your comment.

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