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Zora: Zalena and Kwame Kills Yola to Conceal the Truth About Their Identity

The episode starts with Zalena and Kwame discussing Madiba's return and Kwame's condition of being impotent. However, Yola is acting weird in the house. She slaps Ogola for not completing a task as agreed.

Kwame wants his mother to bring the issue about his condition to the attention of everyone in the family. He is tired of hiding his identity and looking for other men to impregnate his wife. Yola is pregnant and she is pretty sure that Kwame cannot sure children. She uses that as an opportunity to do anything she wants in the family.

Sadly, Yola is becoming unruly in the house, and she tells Ogola to take orders from her alone. She is becoming a nuisance to everyone around the Chibale's family. Zalena informs Kwame about Yola's character and how she was is ordering everyone left and right. They planned they will get rid of her in order to conceal their secret about Alma's death and his condition of not being able to sire kids. They will kill Yola and Oliver and then win the house and every property around them.

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