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Husband and wife relationship

"Have No Intentions of Leaving my Wife, Marriage Works. Married for 11 Years." Musician Says

YouHe is well known because of his energy and educative songs. Luckily his music journey started in the 90s although he didn't record his music by then. After recording his first song it made it to the limelight in 2012. He have also helped many musician in the music industry.

Fortunately Sammy Irungu got married in 2010. He is also a father of three children,two boys and one girl. Luckily they are now celebrating 11 Years in marriage.

"I have no intentions of leaving my wife. We started from scratch and here we are living a good life. We even slept without food,lacked even money to pay rent. We went through alot. He have also made me the person i am today. She also loved me without anything and now God have blessed us." He says.

Marriage is good and marriage works very well. It works well if you two are committed.

"Even if i am a musician marriage works well. My career is never affected by my marriage. I always love my family and i live a private life away from the limelight. It's also good to take of your family." He says.

Also their marriage is built on a strong foundation. For a good house to be built it needs a good and a stronpg foundation.The stronger the foundation the taller the building.

Lessons learnt

Marriage is about perseverance and trust.

Even if you are poor there is no need to leave your spouse because of money.

Marriage is all about sharing with each other dreams and visions.

Let your marriage remain private for the security purpose. Exposing your issues to the public will bring more tribulations.

Marriage is a matter of being patient.

Never undermine your humble beginnings,you never know of tommorow.

Work hard pays. God also blesses what you have already started not what you are planning to start. You must have something for God to bless you.

Investing for tomorrow is good for the sake of your family.

Be a legend and uplift other people.

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Sammy Irungu YouHe


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