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Jalango's "Bwana Niepushe na Majaribu" Photo Caption Sparks Fresh Speculations

Jalang'o and Kamene Goro: photo courtesy

Kiss FM presenter and a comedian Jalang'o has surprised his Instagram fans after he posted a photo with his co_ presenter Kamene Goro.

Jalango's photo was captioned, "Bwana Niuepushe na Majaribu!! What has not yet come out clearly is what temptations the celeb was talking about.

Critics have come up about Jalango's photo and the curvy lady. Could there be anything more than just work mates? Is Jalang'o having sleepless nights thinking of the curves? I leave the questions at that point.

In his pose to the photo Jalang'o was placing his two hands in the pockets of his navy blue khaki pairs of trousers.

His smile was nothing to hide as he looked at Kameme Goro as though he was seriously in 'temptations'.

Kameme Goro on the other hand was pausing with one of her heel slightly above and close to Jalang'o.

May be the beauty in the Kiss FM presenter has locked Jalan'go in a dilemma and thus asking for God's guidance.

Jalang'o is just less than a month old in KISS FM after he was allegedly sacked from Milele FM.

Jalang'o and Kamene Goro: photo courtesy

Jalango's fans have reacted to the photo that is giving the comedian temptations .Here are some of the fan's responses to the Photo.

Maina Wa Kageni alluded to Abraham Lincoln and said, " It is good for a tempted man to have his hands in the pocket."

Sips_solution said that Jalang'o was sent specifically to work with Kameme Goro to conquer. He told Jalang'o to conquer everything including Kamene.

John_mckodago said that Jalango needs prayers

Vladmir_12 Jalang'o ukiendelea na hii hali,, we itakuwa Noma saana. Hii ni zaidi ya Semi trailer.

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