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Dr.Mutua rubbishes claims that 'Suzanna' hit song promotes Incest

Sauti sol is a Kenyan afro pop band, it has Bien Aime the voacalist and also plays guitar, Polycarp the guitarist, Chimano does vocals and also plays saxophone and Mudigi does vocals, percussion and drums.

A few weeks ago they released a hit song 'suzanna' and was well received by fans even got more than 3 million views on Youtube.

The band has been on the lead for over a decade, giving us different tunes and having a different wave to every hit they release into the music charts.

Recently KFCB have argued that the song 'suzanna' promotes incest because in the song the name 'senge' is mentioned which means aunt in luhya. Their argument was that the song was encouraging nephews to hit on their aunts which is not right.

However, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has come out to refute those claims. This is what he said:

People also argued that 'senge' is a name used in luhya not only to refer to aunt but also used to refer to girls as well.

In their hit 'suzanna' the main character in the song, is criticized for her love of sponsors, luxurious lifestyle and love of materialistic things.

Suzanna portrays an image of the current generational issues and the extend to which the youth will go just to have that lifestyle that is expensive a lifestyle sponsored by their sugar daddies and mummies. The song teaches the young generation to accept themselves and leave a life they can afford.

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