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"The Kansoul Exploited Me," Kora Finally Speaks Up On Their Break Up

It looks like someone is in a Tekashi mood this season because Kid Kora of the Kansoul finally comes out to speak on why he broke out with madtraxx and Mejja. It is true what they say about learning your lessons in life the hard way.

It had been a minute since the Kansoul did a song together and this left fans wondering what happened but as it now turns out Kid Kora who is now known as man like Kora did all the work but unfortunately never reaped anything from the success of their projects.

Man like Kora clearly had enough of being exploited and decided enough is enough. Truth be told, he looks way better than he did before and it is evident how much weight he has gained in the past few months. It seems life is warming up to him.

He is not Kid Kora any more and he is embracing his new direction and from his recent posts you can tell he is so much optimistic about life and his music career. Something else he said that much impressed me was that he no longer wanted to do music that degraded women and he made one major point on that one.

I would love that everyone who is an artist try to remain relevant in their art and pursue content that is beneficial to yourself and your audience. Don't get stuck doing the same thing every day all the time, seek a new path and get some inspiration and if it's something you love it will surely come to you.

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