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Angry Diamond Platinumz Scolds His Bodyguard For Locking Him Out Of His Car

There have been cases of some fans accusing Diamond Platinumz of snobbing them or rather ignoring them at the attempt of greeting him terming him as "rude". Well no one could blame Diamond Platinumz as he is a star not only in Africa but also abroad and it's only logical for him to meet thousands of his fans on a daily.

And for sure he cannot reply to all of them. Moving forward on a current trending video Diamond platinumz is seen getting angry with one of his bodyguards.

As he was stepping out of his recent concert with Zuchu in his arms, he got to his car to flee to the after party only to find that the door was locked and the bodyguard with the key is a distance away.

And one could clearly see Diamond approaching his car expecting the door to be opened for him, and rather gets informed it's locked and he had to confirm it and tried opening and indeed it was locked.

When you are a star everything is highly expected of you no one really stops for a second to realise you are only human, yes Diamond got locked out and that might have just costed his bodyguard his job.

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As expected when a star in the likes of Diamond steps out of a concert, a whole team of paparazzi is outside waiting for him, and in that time he might probably want an escape route in his car, so I definitely understand why he got angry.

couple minutes later the bodyguard approaches Diamond, and gets a little scolding from the boss, but the door is still left shut, leaving us wondering where the key was,because the bodyguard is seen heading somewhere else after approaching Diamond.

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