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Interesting facts you should know about music.

1.Music helps in changing moods .We can all agree to this.Your favorite song makes you feel good and uplifts your spirits.You also have songs to listen to when down and this also varies with preferences.

2.Research shows that music reduces the intensity ,frequency and duration of headaches and migraines. This however varies with an individual it might work on one and not another.

3.Singing has a positive effect in that it reduces the stress levels.In my opinion,this really works out because I do it more often.You become more calm,open minded and jovial.

4.Music boosts our learning capabilities. It helps one memorize the stuff in a better way.It also motivates us to do better and work harder.

5.Music during workouts act as distraction and diverts the mind from fatigue and makes the workout pleasurable.

6.Listening to music helps reduce the production of the stress hormone.This results to better learning capability, lower blood pressure,heart rate and cholesterol.

7.Songs you have never heard of will help you drive safer on the road .When you sing along your favorite music you tend to lose focus on the road due to concentartion of the jam resulting to alot of movements.

8.Listening to music has clearly shown that it improves the memory functioning and the rate of healing.This is why it is prescribes for the stroke survivors. It also helps people with brain injuries recall their personal memories.

9.Music is an essential part of our emotional and physical wellbeing. This all narrows down to when we were babies in our mother's womb listening to breathing rhythms and heartbeat.

10.Listening to music at bedtime enables one ro sleep better,longer and have fewer disturbance. It improves sleep quality.

11.Our favorite songs all are due to an emotional attachment .

12.Singing as a part of agroup has shown that it lowers stress and reduces anxiety.

13.Learning to play musical instruments can improve reasoning and motor skills.

14.Jazz ,blues and soul music lovers are extroverted.

15.Classical music lovers are introverted.

16.Music acts as an escape.This is because it helps one think about themselves and escape negative thoughts

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