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Sada wishes to have Fatima arrested and imprisoned

The detective will pay a visit to the Majors in Monday's episode. Major will greet him, and the rest of the family will be present. The detective informs them that Dida made a mistake in calling Obaro, and Fatima begins to blame Dida. The detective advises Fatima to concentrate on Mbuya's case because it is difficult. The detective informs them that there is a chance Mbuya is still alive.

Fatima and Dida will begin to cry. Fatima inquires of the detective as to where Mbuya might be if he is still alive. The detective informs her that a certain lady, referring to Maria, was seen near Mbuya's body at the dumping site. He informs them that the lady is extremely secretive, and that the neighbors hear her talking to a man but have never seen him.

The detective will display some male clothing to demonstrate that they belong to Mbuya. Dida begins to cry because she is aware of her father's clothing. Dida will be enraged and will blame her family for not helping her find her father. Dida believes that if she had money she could have tracked down Mbuya.

Sada informs the detective that.unlike Fatima Dida went to great lengths to find Mbuya. Sada informs the detective that the case should be closed because Fatima has committed a crime. A few days after Mbuya went missing, Fatima buried a banana plant to replace his body.Sada believes Fatima was involved in Mbuya's disappearance. Sada instructs the Detective to arrest Fatima and imprison her for several days. Sada is told by the detective that he cannot do so without sufficient evidence.

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