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Chipukeezy Reveals The Amount of Money He was Paid in USA for Performing for 10 Minutes.

One of the most famous comedian in Kenya Chipukeezy just jetted back in the country few months ago, after staying in United States of America for a while. Chipukeezy had a lot of shows in USA and we even saw him performing with the best comedians in the world, the likes of katt Williams and also Kevin Hurt.

Chipukeezy said that comedy in USA pays very well, he said that there is one show, the one that he curtain raised for Katt Williams, that he was paid a very good amount of money for only performing for 10 Minutes.

Chipukeezy said he was paid 5000 Usd, in Kenya shillings is ksh. 500,000 for only performing for 10 Minutes. He said that Americans appreciate the work of art and in all other shows he did, he used to make nothing less than ksh. 100,000. Chipukeezy said that he is about to go back in USA again for another comedy tour.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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