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Sultana: Dida Tells Kaka The Whole Truth

In tomorrow's episode, the village elders are ready to take Kaka to see his future wife. Zuu calls Mwanzele and asks him if they are doing the right thing because Kaka can never be trusted. Mwanzele tells her not to worry because Kaka is ready for marriage.

Kaka will get out well-dressed. The village's elders will praise him for looking good. Kaka tells them that they can start their journey. Mwanzele tells Zuu to remain in the house and will update her on everything.

Dida will come on a motorbike and all will be surprised. Dida will go directly and hugs Kaka. KaKa tells her that he don't want to see her because right now is going to see his wife-to-be. Dida kneels and pleads with Kaka to listen to him. Kaka tells her to stand up.

Dida goes on and tells Kaka that they are homeless but should not worry about that . Dida tells him the truth she was not pregnant but did all that because of her mother. Dida tells Kaka that if she was pregnant then the father could be the only one and that's him. Dida kisses Kaka and tells him she loves him.

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