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Fatma in trouble after Buya confessed everything to the police. Sultana Thursday edition

Dida is mad after she heard that Kaka brought another girl to the village. Buya tried calling Dida but Dida refused to pick up the phone. Maria tells buya to just give Dida some time she will eventually come back home.

Bi salama says she doesn't know what to do. She apologized to Kaka and Mila saying she didn't know her conversation would ruin everything. Soon afterwards Kaka gets a phone call. As he wakes up to go and pick it up, Mila holds him and tells him to pick the phone right there. Mila will ask weather it's Dida calling and they argue a little.

Major and JJ will find a place to rest then jj tells major that he doesn't want to go back. He says even with the education Major gave him he doesn't want. He better live like a beggar. Major tells him if he doesn't come home he will upset Sada. Mejja tells JJ even if he wants to marry sultana tomorrow he is ready to make the preparations tonight as long as they live in the mansion with Sultana.

Back at home Fatma will come out of the room and ask Sada why she behaves like that in the streets. Sada will then give Fatma a hot slap and they begin fighting. Asiya will intervene and try to reconcile them. Fatma will call Major. Sada will laugh at her and ask her if she is scaring her by calling Major. Sada has now called the police and tells Fatma she'll pay for her evil deeds. Fatma is shocked when Sada tells her that Buya has confessed that Fatma tried to choke him to death.

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