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Sultana:Maria Hugs Mbuya And Says Goodbye

In tomorrow's episode, Kaka will wake up and finds the door open. Kaka will not be happy because Maria went out without telling anyone and should not do that because they hiding themselves. Mbuya defends Maria and tells Kaka to allow Maria to have fresh air because she can't stay in the house all through. The door will be knocked and Kaka thinks is Maria again. He will open and finds is Sultana.

Sultana will give Kaka some clothes to give Maria. Sultana promises Kaka that they will be there for him incase of anything with Salama. Mbuya will be happy because Sultana is a kind person not like Kaka who keeps complaining.

Sultana will start feel unwell and gets outside only to knock Maria. Maria will be surprised at what's wrong with her but Sultana will leave. Maria will tell Sultana that she will not find her. Maria will take the clothes but she will not like them. Maria will wear her normal clothes because she is not used to wearing long skirts.

Maria will then inform Mbuya is leaving. Mbuya begs her to stay but Kaka tells Mbuya to allow her leave. Maria will hug Mbuya and says goodbye.

On her way, Maria will meet some villagers. They will start laughing at her because of wearing trousers. Maria will look at herself but will not mind the villagers.

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