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32 inch best smart tv's for kenyans


Sony picture quality is more natural compared to any Tv in the market. They are have vivid blacks and quality night vision even when watching movies.

This one here has 720p resolution which is okay for 32 inch tv because you cant differentiate 1080p from 720p using a 32 inch tv.

It comes with 2 hdmi ports,2 usb port and head phone jack for external audio. It is 60hz refresh rate which means gaming and watching fast action movie is not an issue because it does not lag.

It has very poor speakers but if you would use an external audio device this is not a big deal.

It costs 23000kshs


Samsung tvs usually have warmer colours in picture quality.this actually means colours are more saturated and look more attractive.

This one has 1080p resolution meaning details of picture image is more clear. It has 2 hdmi ports, 2 usb ports and head phone jack.

It has a lower 50hz refresh rate which is okay for watching movies and mild gaming.

Its speakers too are not good but if you are going to use an external audio that is not a big deal.

It costs 21000kshs.


This one has the best speakers that have ever heard in a 32 inch tv.

It has 720p resolution and image quality is okay for most users. Its regarded as the best 32 inch Tv in kenya because it combines the qualities of sony and samsung at a cheaper price.

It has 2 hdmi ports 2 usb ports and external audio output. It has 55hz refresh rate that is excellent considering the price.It costs 19000kshs.

TCL s68A

It is the cheapest brand here and it does not mean you are loosing anything if you compare it with the rest.

TCL is also a quality brand in the market and this one provides quality image at 720p resolution.

It is a very attractive and has very slim design. It is difficult to mount it on wall though and it has very poor speakers.

It has 2 hdmi ports 2 usb ports and audio output jack.

It costs 17000kshs.

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