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Sultana:" Lazima Nimuone" JJ Swears To Meet Sultana

Tomorrow's episode as JJ is in his room he starts thinking of Sultana. JJ wishes if he can see Sultana to know how she took her mother's sickness. Bi Salama got admitted after hit on her head by Fatma but she was discharged. She is still recovering at home and warned JJ to stay away from Sultana because she doesn't want troubles.

Later JJ goes at the sea to see if he will be able to meet Sultana. JJ thinks he is lazy man because it's impossible to meet Sultana at sea because the same place she was attacked and beaten by Fatma.

As JJ is about to return back home he will see Sultana at far distance. He will be happy and will rush to see her. JJ tells Sultana that she has fulfilled his agreement that they will always see each other everyday and feels happy for coming. Sultana is not happy and tells JJ that she wishes if she never came. JJ will be surprised because he didn't expect that from Sultana.

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