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Eight Most Expensive Things That Were Owned By King of Pop Michael Jackson

American King of Pop Michael Jackson had a successful music career. He was considered as King of entertainment of all time. He sold over 750 million albums and won countless awards including 13 Grammys.His lifetime earnings was estimated to be over one billion. With his huge earnings Michael Jackson lived a luxurious lifestyle.

In this article I will show you eight most expensive things previously owned by Michael Jackson:-

1.Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson home was one of the most beautiful home in the world.He lived in this most magnificent home that money could buy. Neverland ranch was such iconic home.

This magnificent property had around 2700 acres with its 13000 square foot main house featured six bedrooms, several formal rooms and commercial kitchen and a walk closet with a hidden safe room.This property was worth more than 100 million dollars.

2.Las Vegas Mansion

King of Pop Michael Jackson owned a mansion in Las Vegas which was nicknamed "Thriller", it was worth 9.5 million dollars.

Inside this mansion he had a seven bedroom, 12 full bathroom, a guest house and outdoor courtyard for entertainment.

3.White Crystal Glove

Pop Star Michael Jackson owned a white crystal glove. He was wearing this glove in his left hand in most of his live performances.

He first wore this glove during his 1983 Motown 25 performance. The White Crystal glove was worth 84 million dollars.

4.Art Collection

Michael Jackson's Art Collection value was estimated at 90 million dollars. His vast art collection included works from Maurice Utrillo, Carl Johan Neuman and Paul Pascal. Michael Jackson art collection was influenced by the people he met and places he visited. One of his favorite collection is one of the door to White House.

5.Rolls Royce Seraph Limousine Car

American pop star Michael Jackson owned a dark blue coloured rolls royce seraph limousine.This limo was a limited edition car with its interiors customized to Michael Jackson tastes.

Its interior featured extensive 24 karat gold trim, most expensive leather upholstered seats and its floors featured high end rags.

The limo was able to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour after start in 4 seconds and it had a speed of 225 kilometers per hour. The estimated value was between 100,000 to 150,000 dollars. He also owned a 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II.

6.Bahrain Home

Michael Jackson splashed 8 million dollars for a luxurious mansion in Bahrain.The mansion featured give large bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and a private swimming pools. His mansion was surrounded with a private walls and electric gates.

7.Neoplan Tour Bus

Pop star Michael Jackson car collection included a 1997 Neoplan Tour Bus that featured individual seats and boots. This tour bus also featured a kings crown embroidered carpet and a bathroom lined with porcelain, gold and granite.

8.Ford Econoline Van

This van was customized and had several luxury features like a vedio game player,screens located at the back of each passengers seats and its seats were featured with high end leathers.

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