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"Nobody wants to see you at Sol fest stay away" Singer Bien's Message To Eric Omondi

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In preparation for the sol fest to that is scheduled to take place on 17th December 2022 as from 12 pm, band member Bien took to his Instagram account to inform comedian Eric Omondi that his presence won't be needed; in a post that read as follows:

"Eric, your big mouth has gotten you here! Don't blame the musicians. Nobody wants to see you at Sol fest so please stay away!!! The security team has this received strict instructions not to allow this crazy fellow and his borrowed dogs anywhere near 500 meters of the concert venue. Personally, I have filed a restraining order against him. Therefore, I urge you all to avoid him like plague!

In reaction to Bien's post, Eric Omondi had the following to say: "I need 20 VIP tickets and treatment for my 20 dogs. I also need another 20 VIP tickets for the dog handlers. Actually, how much is the entire VIP area? I need it cordoned for my dogs and my dawgs.

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