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" Sisi Hupigana Home, " DJ Mo, Size 8 Says They Fight At Home And Are Now Fine To Keep Moving

A few days ago, the public and the fans received the news that DJ Mo and Size 8 have broken up and Size 8 made a permanent move of leaving her matrimonial home. A lot of speculation was suspected from both fans about their next move or words.

In social Media DJ Mo explained the issue and said they are ready to continue pursuing life together.

DJ MO added;

"Tumekuwa na mingi (lowest moments) because you see one thing about us we don't pretend. Ukiangalia what we post sometimes kama tuko low, kama tunaletana juu ama we want to put point across, tunataka kuonyesha wasee tunakuanga na highs, tuko na lows. Tunafight, tunacheka. Low moments basically ni zile za online unaona msee amesema kitu they haven't verified they just want to get clicks. Low moments ni most ni kadhaa but highs zimekua the most,"

Despite the news of their break up the couples remain intact and together.

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DJ Mo Mo Sisi Hupigana Tumekuwa Ukiangalia


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