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Celebrity Couples: Until Class Do Us Part

Couples always have certain parameters that define their union. In most cases their union is driven by general desires they share in life. Infact, this is the major building block in many couple unions and it's not limited to celebrity couples. Sometimes, the shared desires amongst couples in life may differ with the significant other in the union unaware.

That means one patner's stay in the union is driven by ulterior motives not known to the other. Once he/she achieves the motive, he/she automatically aborts the union. The ulterior motives could be in the form of wanting to achieve wealth, status or even material things. Let's read further as is give examples of celebrity couples whose unions were marred with ulterior motives rather than for true love.

Amber Ray and Jamal Rohosafi

On this union, it doesn't need rocket science to decipher that its Amber who benefited. Before their love grew and the sudden divorce that was made known to the public eye, no one ever imagined falling for a date with Amber. This isn't because she was a lady of class and taste but because she was devoid of brains, talent or anything that could make men go after her.

The moment Jamal opted to show off his property and objectified her, that's when drama ensued between them as they ashamed themselves in the public eye. All the same, Amber finally got her way and now is a business woman. All this courtesy of having been in union with Jamal.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The kind of Relationship that this two went through is a classic example of a goals driven relationship. They treated the public eye to endless drama that culminated to Vera referring to Otile Brown as a "tick," meaning he depended financially on her. Vera then went ahead to spill the beans on social media by exposing how Otile depended on her for financial gain. She revealed that such a demeanor was a sure turn off for her. All this drama ensued when Otile Brown asked ksh 500,000 for a loan top up in order to use it in purchasing a Marcedez Benz car. This, she attested skyrocketed after they reunited before a much publicised divorce.

Rnaze & Natalie Tewa

Natalie, the YouTuber at that moment was a lady of her caliber. No other lady could match her standards in Nairobi, she surpassed her peers and proved to be the alpha female by then. On the flip side, Rnaze cut the figure akin to a king amongst his fellow men. With this, he had the clout to win Natalie's heart. Their couple goals were superb and together they made us have a feeling that no one would ever match their status. From the outside, Rnaze resembled a prince who was in his perfect element in treating a lady of high caliber like Tewa rightly.

It only came to shock the public eye when they broke into a fight and Natalie spilled the beans of how she's been the alpha in their relationship, settling all the bills. The public also came to learn that the outward show of love by Rnaze to Natalie wasn't genuine.This ensued after it emerged that Rnaze cheated on Natalie.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

When one talks of wealth and largesse, a person called Will must come into mind. He stands to be amongst the best paid actors with a networth of sh 35 billion. He possesses an hilarious personality and appears to be a generally caring gentleman. The wealth he has amassed is from his sheer determination and hard work.

At some point, he tried his way into a relationship with a lady by the name Jada. Undoubtedly, the relationship failed miserably. At some point, Jada admitted to Will about having an extramarital affair with a younger guy known as Alsina August. This displayed how she never cared of Will's feelings but rather the material gains she had from him. Even though, Will still sticked around her by claiming it was for the goodness of their children. But who knew Will at some point would be cheated on?

Kibanja and Chipukeezy

From the look of things in my opinion, Chipukeezy's brighter days had all faded with time and we still live in denial that he has more to offer. He was blinded with the body complexion which made her go for a random girl. He gave the girl all her heart and still ended up being divorced. He could have averted all this if he decided to look for a decent lady of his caliber and settled with her.

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