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Zalena Killed The Detective Who Came Investigating The Death Of Madiba's Wife.(Zora)

Zalena is one of the actresses in the zora show and she acts as the mother of the two sons Madiba and Kwame and wife to the late Oliver Chibale. She is has gone through a lot try g to protect her sons and her grandchildren or rather Madiba's Children. She said that her father forced her to marry Oliver because he was a politician and he was so rich.

In today's episode after Fella warn Zalena against threatening mzee Simba she was so scared but Madiba told her that it is because of her selfish plans but she told him that she is found all that us doing for their sake. She told him that she doing everything to protect them. She asks Madiba off he has ever seen again that stubborn detective who threatens him that he will rot in jail for killing his wife

Madiba was shocked to hear this. Zalena killed him so that he could not disturb her family again. When Madiba heard this he went speechless and didn't know what to say. Zalena confesses that she poured many people's blood trying to keep her family safe. Who is Zalena Targeting To killed next? Share your thoughts.

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