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"The Bastard Said, Si Then You Also Touch Me The Same Way," Wahu Says She Was Molested as a Child!

The Kenyan songstress Wahu Kagwi went live on her Instagram account yesterday and came out about her dark past. She revealed that as a nine year old child, her mother left her in the care of Wahu's older cousin who was about nineteen years old at the time. She says that the young man started touching her inappropriately and it made her irked and angry. She lamented, "You know what the bastard said, ati his way of apologising was am sorry, si then you also touch me the same way."

She tears up as she talks about how that memory still hurts her till date. Her mother had trusted the nephew to take care of young Wahu as she headed to the shamba but he ended up molesting her. Wahu also said that most parents would never imagine that their own relatives would be the ones to hurt and traumatize their children. She urged parents to be extra watchful of their children's wellbeing even When relatives are involved.

Wahu revealed that as a mother of girls, she has worked hard to create a space where the children can reveal anything they are going through. Wahu advices parents to not to trust everyone who is in their children's space as any abuse may lead to a lifetime of pain, anger, trauma and trust issues.

She went on ahead to share the toll free number 0800722022 for any help to such victims. Kenyans flocked to send her love as others revealed to her that they too were victims of such abuse.

Content created and supplied by: Kagendo14 (via Opera News )

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