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Latest Celebrity News; Blogger Edgar Obare Exposes Ronoh

Edgar Obare has set up himself as a shelter for the upset, particularly when a superstar is associated with the. The grimy rounds of some top superstars in Kenya have come to public on account of his confession. 

We recall the well known Jalango' s renowned young men club ? Different famous people who have confronted Edgar' s hatchet are Azziad Nasenya, Akothee' s sister, Kabi WaJesus and all the more as of late, Herman Gakobo Kago otherwise known as Prof Hamo

Adventitiously, the last two report, Kabi WaJesus and Prof Hamo included youngster' s disregarded. Is a progression of private correspondence among Edgar and an informat who acted like Kabi' s relative, it was perceived that Kabi was not accommodating the child he was claimed to have sired with a cousin. 

He went on to reject offering himself for DNA. Fortunately, things transformed, he went for DNA and results affirmed he is the organic dad of Abby, cousin' s little girl. A repentant Kabi acknowledged to accept duty as a dad. 

Just about a comparative case was again seen between humorist Stella Bunei, Jemutai and Herman Gakobo Kago, Prof Hamo. The issue began when a companion to Jemutai contacted Edgar, whining about the hard life Jemutai was going through after Prof Hamo unloaded her with two youngsters. 

The matter prompted appalling battle via web-based media, the two darlings charging one another, uncovering a portion of the mysteries of their relationship. They would anyway express gratitude toward Daniel Ndambuki otherwise known as Churchill who interceded. Presently the issue is settled, as after DNA affirmed that Prof Hamo is the organic dad of the kids, he offered a public conciliatory sentiment and affirmed his obligation to deal with the kids. 

Not long before the residue could choose Jemutai' s issue, Edgar has uncovered another big name, this time, Chebet Ronoh. As indicated by the screen captures shared, a youthful Kenyan has opened up about Chebet Ronoh not paying many a her work.

 Picture of Chebet Ronoh.

Passing by the name Wothaya Njau, she worked for Chebet as her own right hand, they even drafted an agreement yet Chebet didn't sign. The woman regrets that regardless of taking care of her job, Chebet has not paid her for quite a long time, and whenever she attempts to request her installment, Chebet ordinarily avoids the issue. 

She detailed that her first installment was made, however late. She didn't get her subsequent installment. The data shows that all these occurred during the occasions Chebet had an arrangement with Cadbury. 

The following are the screen captures

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