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Zora: " But Why" Simba Refuses Her Own Mother

In today's episodes Zora, Neema and Hamida will be sharing some stories. Hamida tells Zora that she wants to break up with Master since Pipi's Mother came to their life. Neema will be watching outside the gate then calls Hamida and Zora to see someone. Simba and his Father will at the gate.

Fella will tell Zora that after everything he found that he cannot be with her that's why he brought Simba to leave with her. Fella tells Zora that he faked the Child Custody,he then gives Zora some of his properties bar for Simba and salon for Patience his daughter.

Fella will hand over Simba to her mother but Simba refuses. He tells his father that they had come for only greetings and he doesn't want to stay there again. Simba tells his father to leave but Fella doesn't want to go. Simba will ran away then Zora and Hamida will not believe that. Fella will follow him,Zora will be stranded because she cannot believe after all the struggle Simba has refused her.

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