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They Grow Up Really Fast. See Taji's Latest Photos

Taji Wajesus is the Son of Kabi Wajesus and Milly Wajesus. He is always a very happy and Charming Boy. Milly and Kabi are commonly known by their Popular name of 'The Wajesus Family'. The Wajesus basically means born again Christian's who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior.

Today Kabi couldn't stop laughing at Taji's latest behavior. Taji was stepping on his new toy car and telling his father Bye Bye. Kabi Wajesus asked Taji why he was stepping on his car and asked him who drives a car while standing on top of it. Kabi told Taji that is not the way how people drive cars.

Taji decided to sit on top of his car, when he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten his best friend who is a doll. Taji quickly went and picked up his doll and later came back to climb on his toy. See screenshots of Kabi's Instagram Stories below.

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