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Esther Akothee Shows Off Her 40 Title Deeds Investments After A Break Up With Nelly Oaks

It is merely twenty four hours when her break up news surfaced the media. The mother of five parted ways with her long time lover Nelly Oaks. The break up that she took it off through her social media page accounts.

The self proclaimed President of single mothers, is keeping her word. From her heartbreak explanations, focusing on her career and investments were very key. Do you wanna know Madam boss's next move? Alright, I guess you do, let's get it down and rolling.

Esther Akoth is rich! She has shared a video on her facebook page account. The constituents of the video, will get you shocked. Madam boss is showing off a total of forty title deeds investment she has made. Counting them one by one while making her dance moves.

According to Esther Akoth ; Auuu this is the real meaning of wealth. Success is a sum of all your small efforts combined my 40 title deeds are here and I can't explain how it feels @kwanguinvestments thank you very much.

The lady I admire though, through thick and thin life has offered, she has used her brains to elevate her status. Don't misquote me, I don't advocate for sponsor life but if you are in I got no choice situation, put your mind at work. Some are blessings in disguise but it is always a risk adventure.

Madam boss, we know you got money but why cause sleepless nights to us the sufferers? Haha just kidding, the lady is really rich and proud. A total of forty title deeds in Kenya in this generation, is worth an applause.

But come to think of it, we know Esther Akothee is Always crazy, could this be a heartbreak driving her? Share your thoughts and comments below. For more celebrity news updates kindly follow.

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