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2 Hollywood Actors Who Died During The Filming Process

Entertainment industry has been in existence for many years, there are hundreds of thousands actors and actresses around the world, because to many of them acting is a passion and it is in the blood. Some of them act by making us laugh while others acts by making us cry.

Almost all of us have a favorite actor or actress, that is from the time you started watching movie. Many countries have now invested a lot in entertainment industry because it generates a lot of money, this is done through the selling and buying of movies.

Unfortunately, there are some actors who have lost their lives at the time of acting, that is in Hollywood which is acted in the United States of America. They lost their lives because of the unavoidable circumstances. Here are some of them.

1. Paul Walker

He was one of the best actor during his time in the series called The first and the furious, a movie that has been acted in the United States of America, the reason which made him to be one of the most successful actor in the series the first and the furious was because of his great car driving skills and his ability to fight. He could drive the car at a very high speed by comfortably controlling the steering wheel.

Unfortunately, Paul Walker died on a car crush during the time at which the first and the furious seven series was being filmed in USA. He died because his car was at a very extremely high speed and he was unable to control it and he crushed in the process, he was later on pronounced dead. 

2. Chris Farley

He was one of the best known actor who had been on acting career for a very long time, he acted his movies in America because that was where he was born and had pursue acting as a career. He acted by using a powerful voice that kept many of his fans glued to their screen.

Chris Farley was addicted to cocaine and morphine for a long period of time, that is while he was staying in United States of America. The reason why he was addicted is because as many people knows that drugs have additive substances inside of them. During the filming of the movie streak, in December 1997 he was found dead in his hotel room because of overdose.

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