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Husband and wife relationship

Mugithi's maestro wife, Eddy Nderitu says enough is enough

The goat wife has had enough,This came after Samido's wife says she has had enough on Friday 24th Feb 2023 , after a long post on her social media Eddy says that her children cannot be raised in a polygamous family, she also asserted that her husband has been unfaithful despite her loyalty to him for 15 years.

She said that Samidoh has made her look dumb due to her silence This came after her Husband's Mpango wa Kando, Karen Nyamu and Samidoh were seeing in a picture smiling, despite the break up earlier.

Eddy further said that the past three years have been nothing but painful, she said she supported Him when he had nothing.

Eddy's post caused a stir online as some netizens were supporting and praying her, others have asked her not to end the marriage, while others asking her to accept that they are two, soko ni chafu.

Amira also comforted her as she has gone through the same ordeal, when her husband was together with Amber Ray. Amira later left the marriage.

Samidoh has been asked by netizens to seek advice from Muigai wa Njoroge, who is in a polygamous marriage and the wives live peacefully without drama.

Karen asked those trolling her, whether she is not a woman and her children are not children like others and they deserve a father. The UDA disciplinary committee had summoned Nyamu due to her drama in Dubai.

Women have said that one (Chick) doesn't the pain until they go through the ordeal.

Should Women embrace polygamy?

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