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Illuminati Again? Kanye West In Fear Of Death As He Says What Pop Star MJ Said Before He Died

The entertainment industry has been having up and downs.As we all thought that music and entertainment is something that circulates around pure talent others have it that for one to rise to the top there is some things that are done in order to be famous and wealthy.

Kanye West has continued with his campaign to unravel the truths behind the dark forces rather the illuminati.He has gone deeper and deeper tp reveal the inner workings of the entertainment industry Illuminati.According to Kanye West many celebrities are enslaved and are controlled anyhow by the globalist elite.

On naming the celebrities kanye west named Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lebron James,Charles Barkley and many others saying they are just slaves in the entertainment industry.He further said the celebrities who are loyal to the cult are rewarded with fame and wealth and they do not just come freely they come at a price.

The worst part is those who do not toe the line are severely punished.Kanye west has also narrated that the elites use human sacrifice as part of there vast control matrix.Naming those who suffered in the hands of the elites he named Dr Dre, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson who are the top entertainers who faced the wrath of the illuminati.

Kanye Wests words are mirroring what Michael Jackson said before he died.These has led to fear of him following the same paths something he seems to have already been prepared on.

Kanye west fans have gone forward to tell him to stop the revelations as they will lead him to a bitter death.

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