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Actress Nyce Wanjeri Opens Up On How She Fought Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is complicated. Sometimes you might have thoughts of suicide because something really hard happened in your life, like a breakup or the loss of a loved one. Maybe you’re thinking about suicide because you have a mental health condition like depression that makes it really hard to feel like it’s going to get better.

Suicide is also complicated because you could have either active or passive suicidal thoughts. Passive suicidal thoughts are wishing to die without a plan, maybe you hope you won’t wake up tomorrow while active suicidal thoughts are when a person is considering making a plan. Both types of suicidal thoughts are difficult and should be taken seriously.

However when celebrities speak up, it also helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental health especially suicide and can provide insight and understanding on a tough topic.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel, Nyce Wanjeri commonly know as Shiru from her former role in Aunties boss, a local programme opened up that she struggled with suicidal thoughts following her difficult separation with her ex husband.

She said that there was disrespect in her marriage and things started going south close to the dreaded seven-year mark. The actress revealed that she tried to commit suicide two times. The first attempt was knocking herself down on the road.

"Suicidal thoughts started coming. Tired kujigongesha gari Wangige Road. Wakipita nijileta mbele wanasema 'hatukuui'. Nikajaribu kabarabara ka kwetu. Nilienda nikalala kwa hio njia ndio gari ikikuja juu kuna nyasi haitaniona so itakuja kama imenipitia juu. Isipokuwa baridi ilinigonga hakuna gari ilikuja for three hours."

The second attempt she tried to stab herself with a knife but luckily her daughter saved her.

"Two days later nikachukuwa kisu. Nikienda kujidunga for the first time mtoto wangu aliamka kuitisha potty. Alikuwa analala na diapers. Nilikuwa nishararua trouser nilikuwa nimevaa. Nilimuona nikaachilia kisu. And looked at her and said 'Shame on you Nyce. You want to leave her because of him? No!' And I picked myself up."

She urged all women who are in unhealthy relationships to choose themselves first.

"Ladies when you choose yourself things line up. I have never shared this. I felt it's the high time. I have healed. Naweza ambiance wanawake wengine huko nje usingoje that long."

She is happily married to Lettin and they are currently expecting their first child together.

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Mungai Eve Nyce Wanjeri Shiru


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