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Sultana:Bi Ua Attacks Asia And Accuses Her Of Stealing Her Baby

In tomorrow's episode, Bi Ua will be singing for her baby doll to sleep while Major is already asleep. Ua starts singing loudly and Major wakes up and tells Bi Ua to stop shouting but she will just increase her voice. Major will asks her to bring the baby and starts singing a lullaby. Bi Ua will then send Major to the kitchen to bring porridge for the baby because it's hungry. Major will be annoyed but he will go.

Major passes to JJ's room and tells him he did a mistake to bring the baby's clothes because they can't sleep. JJ tells him he understands his mother and will do everything for her. Major will return to his room.

Bi Ua will start feeding the baby and Major will be on the coaches. Major will look at the time and will not like it because it's in the middle of the night. Bi Ua will try to bring the baby to Major but he refuses. After many hours Bi Ua will fall asleep.

In the morning Major will take the baby doll and his clothes and takes them in the dustbins. Asia and Sada will be surprised because Major has never taken any waste in pity.

Bi Ua will wake up and will not find her doll. She will look everywhere but can't see it. She will start screaming. Bi Ua will go downstairs and explain to her family that her baby has been stolen. Bi Ua tells them that she knows the thief. She will start looking at everyone and as she turns to Asia she will start attacking her. Bi Ua accuses Asia of Stealing her baby but Sada stops her. Sada tells Bi Ua that her husband Major stole the baby.

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