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Pregnancy period

Sultana:" Jabali Junior The Third" JJ Informed About Dida's Pregnancy

In today's episode, Major calls JJ and tells him that he has done something that they tried hard to find. Major tells him that their family will soon grow. JJ is not aware that Dida is pregnant. Fatima informs JJ that Soon Jabali Junior the third will be born because Dida is pregnant. JJ will be shocked.

JJ asks Dida if it's true what her mother is saying. Dida will take time to answer and tells JJ that since her birthday she was pregnant but she didn't want to tell him until the right time. Dida says is sorry because she never wanted her family to know before JJ.

JJ will turn to his father and asks him why he supported his relationship with Sultana and he knew everything. Major tells him not to worry and he did so to bring him home and for Sultana, he may bring her any time.

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