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Zora TV Show: Yola Dies

We started with Milton and Nana throwing, Zalena, Kwame, Madiba, Lila and Fila out of the house, who go to stay in the village, as Madiba shows Kwame and Zalena the piece of land their real biological dad, Gerald, left behind.Yola's contract of supplying Yola products gets terminated by Milton, shortly after that, her sponsor, learns that Yola has been cheating on him as she is pregnant, he therefore sends his men to take away the car he had gifted Yola.Yola gets angry, and goes back to her mother to quarrel her as she had assured her that everything will fall in place, in the middle of the quarrrel, Yola starts bleeding, her mother informs Milton and Zora, Zora ignores them, Milton rushes to the hospital only for the doctors to inform him that Yola is dead.Thank you for staying tuned on my page, keep on checking for more new episodes of Zora so that you will be one episode ahead of others, like and share this article to friends and families, do not forget to follow my page for more interesting articles.

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