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Maria Series; Good News To William Hausa

William Hausa is the main actor in the episode of Maria Series. In the episode he gets an accident that leaves him paralysed not being able to walk again. He is taken to Maria's house where he is well taken care of.

Maria decides to take Mr William to his house in Karen where he will be more comfortable. Luwi accepts to take William to his house. This is because Victor is not in the house,he is mad in the streets. William starts feeling pain in his legs and starts crying out. Vicky runs to him consoling him that if he has started feeling pain,then his legs are becoming to be okay and he might be able to walk again. This sounds to be good news to Mr William as he has started to feel himself in his legs.

This is indeed good news to William Hausa, he may be able to walk again. The question remains, when he walks again, will he continue with his criminal character or he may have learned his lessons. Please share your comment and dont forget to share.

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