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Diamond Platinumz Shares His State Of The Art House In Sinza Tanzania

Diamond Platinumz has today shared a video on his daily stories showing one of his nicely furnished houses in Sinza Dar es Salaam. The Wasafi CEO revealed that his Sinza House is a gift Mama Dangote who sometimes back could complain about rent. In the video Diamond Platinumz confirms is one of the best strategists and he never misses on his goals once he set his eyes on achieving a certain dream.

Diamond Platinumz invited his flowers to enjoy the view. And the most exciting part is when he said that, the house is just one of his apartments in Sinza and he has never bragged about it. The Waah Hitmaker ones confirmed he is an artist during the weekend and an entrepreneur during the weekdays, his investment moves must be working for him. He has been living with Mama Dangote in one of the best modern homes which they labeled to be State House due to its luxurious condition.

Being the Bongo King and him landing the best endorsement deals from big companies, building such houses is normal to him.

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Diamond Platinumz Mama Dangote Platinumz Sinza Sinza House


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